sandelio valdymo sistema

Warehouse management system

A warehouse management system allows you to manage warehouse operations, optimize processes and get accurate information in real time.

We will not change your business processes, instead, we will implement a unique system that fits your business model. We use Salesforce technology.



DreamScanner app

DreamScanner app helps to:

  • Reduce the number of errors and avoid sending the wrong shipment

  • Find out if the total shipment has arrived or if part of the shipment is missing

  • Understand which packages have not been received or sent

  • Find a shipment or packages in stock faster

  • Efficiently communicate with warehouse staff

Warehouse management system implementation stages

Your business analysis and consulting

We assess your current business strategy and the objectives you want to achieve. Together we establish a plan that is fully customized to your company.

Actual implementation

We assign one of our certified project managers to assist you and manage your project. In this stage, we transfer all the data from your old CRM system, if you have one. We also integrate Salesforce with third-party systems, if needed.


We provide Salesforce training for your company’s employees to improve user experience, boost productivity and make the greatest use of Salesforce's features.


The new Salesforce solution is introduced to the production environment and made accessible to your workforce if the project is approved.

After-launch support

After the launch, we provide support, including consultations and training. Reach out to us anytime - we are here for you!


“The DreamCubator team delivers rapid turnaround times, produces high-quality work, and contributes creative ideas. They have created programs which currently serve as the foundation of our business and aid greatly in our expansion.”

Andrius Antanaitis, Director of Business Development at Strike

“The assistance we got from DreamCubator was excellent! Their team not only proposes ways to resolve issues, but also the best ways to make their solutions long-term in an efficient and especially helpful way. They are always concerned with producing the best results and we are very pleased with the outcome!”

Ernestas Boreiša, Expedition Leader at Terminality

“Since the very beginning, we trusted the DreamCubator team's knowledge and experience. They are taking the time to learn about our requirements and collaborating with us to get the outcome we desired, increasing our organization's productivity and efficiency.”

Julija Ščiglaitė, Branch Manager at RailGate Europe

“DreamCubator has done a fantastic job of streamlining our internal procedures and implementing solid, useful changes without disrupting usual operations.”

Marius Bagočiūnas, Sales Director at Xmile Logistics

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