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Terminality is a logistics company that has developed a neutral “First Mile” and “Last Mile” service model that allows freight forwarding and transport companies to entrust the distribution of all their partial shipments in the Baltic States.

The company’s terminals are located in Vilnius, Kaunas, and Klaipėda and they handle over 10,000 shipments per month to all three Baltic countries.

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Terminality’s warehouse staff work with a large number of shipments and goods every day. Previously the staff had to manually carry out the processes of receiving, issuing, and transferring goods.


For example, when receiving goods, employees worked on the following principle:


  1. They had to print out a manifest. 
  2. They received goods. 
  3. On the manifest, they marked down by hand which shipments had arrived, which ones were damaged, their dimensions, and the area in which the goods were stored.
  4. In addition, the employees used to text each other and communicate with managers via phone calls. 
  5. Then all the data was manually entered into the warehouse management system. 

This process was time-consuming and the manual entry of data was prone to human error, therefore, it increased the company’s costs as well. In order to remain competitive, the company desperately needed efficient technological solutions.


The DreamCubator team developed a customized solution for Terminality, i.e. the “DreamScanner” mobile app.

The solution automatizes part of the warehouse employee’s job and speeds up the processes of receiving, issuing, and transferring goods.


The DreamScanner app helps to:


  • Eliminate errors such as goods shipped to the wrong place
  • Know if there are no missing goods in the shipment
  • Know which shipment has not arrived or has not been shipped
  • Find the shipment in the warehouse faster
  • Communicate with warehouse staff

Now let’s talk about the above-mentioned process of receiving goods. Currently, it contains the following stages:


  1. The manifest number is scanned. 
  2. The goods are scanned and a location is assigned to them. 

Instead of 5 steps, the employee only has to do 2 simple steps. In terms of time, the process has been reduced by even up to 37%.


This solution saves time for warehouse staff and increases team productivity. The company has also eliminated human error. Terminality has reduced human error by 100% since using “DreamScanner”.


As a result, by eliminating human errors and shortening logistics processes, the company’s costs have been reduced by €18,000 per year.


“The assistance we got from DreamCubator was excellent! Their team not only proposes ways to resolve issues, but also the best ways to make their solutions long-term in an efficient and especially helpful way. They are always concerned with producing the best results and we are very pleased with the outcome!”
Ernestas Boreiša, Expedition Leader at Terminality

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