Delivering a customer-first freight management system

Xmile Logistics is a next-generation expedition and freight forwarding company focused to deliver exceptional service to its customers.

The company daily faces new orders from customers and has to handle them which takes time and resources. 

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Xmile Logistics used several systems for order administration, which was time-consuming. In addition to that, it wasn’t convenient to manage changes or see all historical records. As a result, the sales managers had to do a lot of manual work and the information could be easily lost.


The company cooperated with DreamCubator, who started to create the FMS (Freight Management System) for Xmile.


Firstly, the DreamCubator team had several consultations with Xmile Logistics’ managers, and using the process mapping tool, they identified the process that needed to be digitized.


Then, the FMS set-up phase started. FMS system for Xmile Logistics consists of:


  • Booking Management functionality 
  • Trip management functionality
  • Invoice management functionality 
  • Cost management functionality
  • Operational KPI management 
  • Sales management functionality



With the new FMS, Xmile Logistics can easily see all historical data, and bookings in an easy and more convenient time, which also saves time.


The employees can administrate more orders at the same time compared to the previously used system. This results in lowers employee maintenance costs.

The bottom line of the story.

Cooperation and working for the same vision can bring extraordinary results. DreamCubator’s goal with this project was to create real value for Xmile Logistics and change unproductive, manual processes into automated, smooth, and efficient processes. And we’ve nailed it!


“DreamCubator has done a fantastic job of streamlining our internal procedures and implementing solid, useful changes without disrupting usual operations.”
Marius Bagočiūnas, Sales Director at Xmile Logistics

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