Faster processes with the brand-new freight management system

Unimasters is a company that provides logistics services in 180 countries, with 18 offices in Romania, Bulgaria, and Hungary.

Unimasters is specializing in freight transportation, supply chain management, and maritime logistics.


The company was using an outdated legacy system off the shelf. The system did not fit the company’s processes and could not be modified. It also lacked a user-friendly analytical tool to enable Unimasters to filter financial flows by order.

The system was costly for the company and, unfortunately, it was not possible to fully customize it to the company’s business processes.


Then Unimasters started collaborating with DreamCubator. The team, which has extensive experience in logistics, offered the company to migrate its freight management processes onto the Salesforce platform, which Unimasters already used for sales.

The DreamCubator team developed the freight management system for Unimasters which is easy to use and also speeds up processes.


The new freight management system helps the company save time and simplify processes. With this system, Unimasters:


  1. Accelerated freight consolidation processes. Employees can easily upload orders in “virtual trucks”.
  2. Speeded up order entry processes. With a user-friendly system, order entry is now less time-consuming.
  3. Sees the necessary financial indicators and analyses more clearly. The company can filter the financial indicators for each order and see the necessary analyses.
  4. Simplified the process of sending emails to customers. With a saved email template, staff can automate processes and send pre-arrival or other important emails to customers faster.
  5. Started using the Editable PDF function. With this feature, staff can edit the information in the PDF file and save time.

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